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The project

The Women@INF project has its origins in diverse activities generated in some of the societies that conform SCIE:

  • Creation and organisation of the ‘Engendering Technologies’ Workshop organised in 2014 in Tenerife by the University of La Laguna within the framework of Interaction 2014 and supported by AIPO (Association of Human-Computer Interaction), where the Google Tech&Ladies initiative was also presented for the first time. This Workshop has continued since that date, a specific award has been created to promote and give visibility to this area within AIPO , and there is also a dedicated committee for the promotion of gender in the area of HCI (Human-Computer Interaction).
  • The Spanish Society of Computer Architecture and Technology (SARTECO) organises the annual ‘WSARTECO Meetings’ as part of the SARTECO. Conference. These meetings reflect on the type of strategies that can be promoted to help young female researchers starting their careers, as well as to identify the factors that have caused the apparent reduction in the number of young female PhD students in the area, and in fact promote initiatives that help to increase the number of female graduates who opt for postgraduate studies in these fields.
  • La Asociación Española para la Inteligencia artificial (AEPIA ) para dar mayor visibilidad a las mujeres investigadoras en el ámbito de la Informática en general y de la Inteligencia Artificial en particular, concede el premio Francés Allen dentro de la Conferencia Española para la Inteligencia Artificial (CAEPIA), que se organiza con carácter bianual, con el objeto de promocionar las dos mejores tesis doctorales realizadas por mujeres que puedan ser referentes a futuras estudiantes de los estudios de informática. Además, realiza labores de difusión en webminarios y charlas en institutos, algunos de los más relevantes han sido: La Ciencia Es Femenino, Cátedra Feminismos 4.0,  Women Santander Now , Girl STEM  y en Wisibilizalas.
  • In connection with the Spanish Society for Natural Language Processing (SEPLN) and within the framework of the network, DiverTLes, has been created, a community of women working and researching in Language Technologies (TL) in Spain to promote scientific vocations in this area of Artificial Intelligence and in which round tables are held for women researchers to make their work known to younger women. A database has been created with more than 100 female researchers in the area in Spain. In addition, a blog has been created in which women carry out tasks of dissemination of topics of interest as well as other types of initiatives. It is worth highlighting the round tables on research in which the women researchers participate, which are available on the website.

This project aims to collect and extend the initiatives related to the visibility of women to all associations and societies related to computer engineering studies in Spain.